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Archive:Board meeting 2022-06-20

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Board Meeting Monday 20June 2022 13.00 CEST

Present: Attila, Axel, Gerald, Gertjan, Neal (~13:15), Syds (~13.30) Guests: Emily Excused: Maurizio

Follow-up from oSC: "role of the board"

  • Role of the board:
  • wait for oSC videos to be published, with reference to the board session ask broader community to
    • think about desired (required) organization elements
    • find volunteers for roles within org structure
  • These are prevailing steps in order to get legal structure running

AI Syds: contact Patrick Fitzgerald

 "Make Membership / Election officials aware of all members of the Emeritus Members group."

Housekeeping: Inactive maintainers on OBS

  • Several users on OBS have an invalid mailaddress, but still are maintainers of packages
  • AI: Axel to trigger housekeeping with OBS Team (Adrian? buildservice@l.o.o?)