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Archive:Board meeting 2021-07-19

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Board Meeting Minutes 2021-07-19 1300 CEST

Attendees: Gertjan, Gerald, Neal, Simon, Axel

Excused: Vinz, Syds

Minutes: Axel

Guests: Doug, Bittin, Attila, Maurizio

Topics from

Meeting reminder

  • Automatic invitiation still not working
  • Axel opened a new pull request that hopefully fixes it

Asia Summit Logo contest

  • Following the trademark guidelines on deviating logo layout, the logo winning the logo contest needs board approval.
  • Simon to reply with board approval

openSUSE Asia Keynote (#21)

  • Neal willing to hold keynote, but due to timeszone he will probably not stay for the whole event.

Different policies in different devel projects (#20)

  • AI on Simon to ask community about policy proposals

Succession planning for board members

  • Some changes made to the onboarding page
  • no further feedback received on changes
  • Gerald offers 1:1 talk to board candidates

Regular Rebuild (Respin) of Leap installation media (#23)

  • have a 4GB image downloaded, and then another 2GB of updates is not smart
  • SLE started respins every 3 month
  • There is a market for respins, esp. from Asia where internet connection is not the best
  • Board to send mail to RelEng Team to propose respin (Axel)
  • Axel to join release engineering meeting

public part closed 13:45 CEST