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Archive:Board meeting 2022-02-14

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Present: Gerald, Neal, Gertjan, Maurizio, Attila, Axel, Syds, Douglas, Lubos, taj (Emily) and Max
Date: 14 February 2022
Time: 13.30 - 14.30 CET

#1 Cardano

( Lubos: 2 weeks ago Lubos received an email from Mark about openSUSE meets Cardano, with 3 different requests.

1. Cardano OS, build on top of oS Leap Micro to run on mobile devices or routers (e.g Turris devices)
2. There is a treasury available with funds for different projects distributed by Project Catalyst ( Funding can't go via oS, but if Cardano wants to fund people they can do it themselves to work on OBS or other
3. OBS and Github integration which has to be checked with OBS developers directly

There is a fund involved (not an option for openSUSE, maybe for SUSE) Cardano OS, build on top of openSUSE Leap Micro (what does this mean?) running on a small router? and on top of openshift? Project Catalyst ( OBS and Github integration

Cardano is creating a decentralist cloud (like StackOS?)

Mark also contacted Doug about some numbers from openSUSE project

Gerald: we already have powerpc, arm, etc teams. So in general there is not a `contract` necessary with openSUSE. Why would we object if people volunteer to do the work Mau: There is no need for the Board to stop/approve this nor we can tell our developers what to do. Let Cardano reach out to the openSUSE community, and individuals can decide if they are interested in such project.

funding can't go via openSUSE, but if Cardano wants to fund people they can do it themselves to work on OBS or other things.

Items for openSUSE:
Step 0 Lubos to contact Mark (Cardano)
Step 1 Cardano to make announcement in Project/Factory ML to see if there is interest
Step 2 Give Cardano a ML in list-o-o
Step 3 Hardware enablement (not sure what this means)
Step 4 Give Cardano a devel project repository in OBS

#2 TSP

Need to discuss the amount available for TSP. It's about 20k per year. Doug and Syds will go over the outstanding requests together for the oSC Board travel goes through SUSE (Monika Bach)

#3 Trademark request Using openSUSE logo with a tutorial is not mentioned in the guidelines. Axel will update the guidelines to include tutorials.

Someone asked if they can use the logo in a tutorial on YouTube. We agree that that is possible.

#4 membership officials.

Emily requested to join the membership officials. Last meeting we discussed the procedure to appoint new members. Gerald sent an email to memberships officials and board to discuss it. everybody needs to look at it and sent remarks.

Emily's request was brought to a vote and she will be appointed to the membership officials.