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Archive:Board meeting 2018-11-13

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Board meeting minutes of Nov 13, 2018


openSUSE.Asia budget

Although the board requested that SUSE increase their sponsorship of the openSUSE.Asia Summit for next year (discussed the meeting of 21 August[1]), SUSE is currently not able to do so. It is already confirmed that the budget will remain the same. The Board will revisit this situation with SUSE after their impending independence.

ACTION: Simon confirms with next year organizers that they handle the money with an official account

GSoC money

It seems it is possible to donate the GSoC money (in contrast to what thought on the meeting of 21 August). The board waits for more information about this topic.

Unanswered email of offended person

The person has already been answered in private and the issue is considered by most board members as resolved.

Elections update

We already have an election committee and information of what their “job” is has been sent to them. The board expect the committee to work autonomously and is not going to get involved in any way.

Conflict in mailing list

It was agreed that getting in touch with the people involved may help

ACTION: Richard contacts involved person/s

Thank you email

Send email from the board to thank sponsors.

ACTION: Gertjan writes a draft for review and send the emails afterwards

Copyright request

We spoke about a copyright request to verify everybody had the same understanding. There was nothing to decide or vote at this stage as we are still waiting on the other party involved.