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Board Meeting Minutes of August 21 2018


openSUSE.Asia Summit retrospective

Simon and Ana attended openSUSE.Asia Summit two weeks ago and they provided their impressions about the conference to the other board members. The conference was really successfully, incredibly well organized and a community event with lots of volunteers. There were some concerns about the summit being co-hosted with COSCUP and GNOME.Asia, but the fact that this was done keeping the three parts in the same level, made it working pretty well. The openSUSE conference was still well defined, but there was also the chance to interact with the other communities and to get the attention of more new people.

We also spoke about the concerns from the openSUSE Asia community shared during the session with the board the day previous to the conference: Mentoring, translations, etc.

TSP openSUSE.Asia

The Board decided to try to improve openSUSE.Asia Summit travel support budget to ensure more people can benefit from it and that students get 100% reimbursement instead of 80%.

There are concerns if there is a procedure for requesting materials and if it is widely known.

ACTION: Ana will double check if the process for that works properly, is documented and will share it


We discussed how openSUSE will receive the money from GSoC. SUSE will receive it and pay mentors travels for the mentor summit.


Football team discussion in the last minutes thread

We discussed if was appropriated to explain personal points of views on the topic.

TH Nürnberg

openSUSE will sponsor the food of the Linux course for new students in the TH Nürnberg university.

DevFest'18- VIT Vellore

ACTION: Knurpht will write back asking more details DevFest'18 URL:

Update membership information

ACTION: Richard and Knurpht will try to update the information in the next month