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Archive:Board meeting 2019-01-22

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Tuxedo Laptop

The Tuxedo laptop for openSUSE was sent to a SUSE guy in Brazil who is testing openSUSE on it.

Vagrant and Docker Hub

Docker Hub is like OBS with images for docker. It needs 2 weeks for updating pull requests. So no maintenance of Tumbleweed is available there any more and it is not possible to remove it. A solution would be to create them (Tumbleweed and Leap) via OBS and forwarding these to Docker Hub. Sarah explains the integration of base images on Docker Hub in other projects. Therefore, "based on openSUSE" would be better then. Vagrant is for Virtualization and everybody is responsible for his own installation based on the openSUSE image. at Docker: "based on openSUSE" Vagrant with official packages: openSUSE

ACTION: Richard speaks with Contributors


quicky issue: The test election should run on the election system with emails. Old versions of emails are available in mailing list archives.

Wordpress update with feeds break

The issue with the Wordpress update has been fixed really quickly.

Changes at SUSE

Richard gave an update about the transition of SUSE.

openSUSE Kubic

SUSE is not certified by CNCF any more. We can not have any upstream Kubernetes any more. We are certified for our own (openSUSE) for openSUSE Kubic now: In addition, new CaaS Team has been found for packaging Kubernetes and all is updated.