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Archive:Board meeting 2019-03-20

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Absent: Marina (Personal Reasons)

  • We started and ended this meeting with a topic dear to some members of the boards heart, patterns, but that discussion is mostly boring and not relevant to the board hence its not documented here.
  • Some meeting minutes are not sent out, many not on the wiki, previous writers of minutes to address this
  • SUSE Business update
 * SUSE is now Independent
 * Still some bugzilla issues, being worked on
  • Board wiki Axel still needs to add himself (he will add himself after


  • Question / Discussion around GDPR issues with, this is not an issue as it is covered by
  • The first part of board meetings will become public so openSUSE contributors can join and possibly ask questions / be a part of discussions, Then the meeting will move to a second private video call for the board to discuss other matters.
  • Nothing new on foundations in the last 2 weeks.


  • Richard, Gertjan - check their minutes are on the wiki
  • Axel - Add himself to the board page
  • Simon - Recreate a list of possible foundation options.