Archive:Board meeting 2020-07-08

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Present: Axel, Gerald, Marina, Simon, Vinz
Minutes: N.S. (editor: Gerald)

Github and single-sign-on for admin accounts

  • Board has been approached to support single-sign-on requirement or openSUSE Github admins
  • Feel that the board should not own/decide on this kind of policy
    • best driven by volunteers in that area
    • not as a decree from the board
  • AI: Simon to draft a reply.

Complaint about a member

  • Complaint received, investigated, and agreed to issue warning

Conflict resolution when board member(s) are involved

  • One option might be membership officials
  • As we are looking into a foundation, a setup similar to TDF might work
  • If there are substantial changes, involve the community!
  • Until formal changes
    • with one/few board members involved the rest of the board should be able to handle
    • still consider involving the election officials

Legal review bottleneck

  • Delaying Tumbleweed development
  • SUSE Legal is aware of the existing issue and Gerald has engaged.

Next board call

  • Avoid mornings for the time being.
  • AI: Marina send a Doodle with weeks 29 and 30.