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This team processes the openSUSE membership requests and accepts or rejects them after review.


Being part of the team

Membership officials are appointed by the openSUSE Board. Members are welcome to help us in this team .

To join the Membership Officials Team

  • Step 1. Email with a link to your Profile
  • Step 2. The Board will confirm that you're a Member, and let you know whether or not you're request to join the Membership Officials is accepted (if the team is big enough, new team member may not be necessary)
  • Step 3. A admin will give you the appropriate permission


  • - This is a closed mailing list so the team can discuss privately applications that might require a debate (unclear contributions, for example).
Warning: Please DO NOT contact the membership team about individual candidates!


Currently the team consists of the following members (usernames in brackets):

Verified 08/2015:

  • Andrew Wafaa (awafaa)
  • Wolfgang Rosenauer (wolfir)
  • Raymond Wooninck (tittiatcoke)
  • Jean-Daniel Dodin (jdd)
  • Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar)
  • Michal Hrusecky (miska)
  • Richard Brown (Ilmehtar)
  • Jaromir Cervenka (cervajz)
  • Martin Pluskal (pluskalm)
  • Chuck Payne (terrorpup)

Waiting an answer 07/2015

  • Peter Nixon (nix)
  • Thomas Schmidt (digitaltomm)
  • Jan Weber (TheCode)
  • Athanasios-Ilias Rousinopoulos (zoumpis)

Previous members of the team include:

  • Sascha Manns (saigkill)
  • Andrea Florio (anubisg1)
  • Vincent Untz (vuntz)


Vote membership requests

  1. login to connect.o.o
  2. go to the following link (Manage join requests for Members group) - also shortened as
  3. clicking on the +/- numbers shows a popup with the comments, clicking on 'validation links' shows a popup with helpful links for evaluation
  4. to vote for applications, provide your reasons in the text field and give an upvote (+1) or downvote (-1)
  5. to remove your vote click on [x] next to your comment in the popup
  6. if applications gets 3 upvotes or 3 downvotes, then you can hit Accept or Reject button.
    After deciding whether to accept or to reject the application, you can modify the notification message the user will receive, and set his email alias on acceptance.

Administrate email aliases

To change the email alias or target of a user, set the corresponding field(alias, target) in his profile. This can only be done by connect admins, please send requests to .

Administrate irc cloaks

When requesting membership, the users should add their desired freenode cloak and irc username in the contributions field. Upon accepting the user as member, the membership admins will set these values in the users profile.

To get the cloak active on freenode, our irc admins download the cloak export from the connect admin page, do a diff with the existing cloaks on freenode, and request the new ones. (TODO: Add reference to the script doing this)

After the new cloaks are registered with freenode, the irc admins paste the list of nicknames to the membership admin page, which triggers a notification mail to the new members, and sets their cloak state to done.

Please send requests regarding your cloak to