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Present: Syds. Axel, Simon, Gerald, Gertjan, Neal and Vinz
Guest: Sasi

Mailing lists moderation

  • The board invited Sasi to discuss the options and possibilities re. the subject.
  • Gerald asks whether we all agree that this should be aligned with the rules / guiding principles on other platforms we have.
  • Board agrees unanimously that code of conduct / guiding principles should apply to mailing lists and other platforms.
  • Most complaints @board are about MLs, not forums or Discord / Telegram/Matrix
  • Sasi: we should have a wiki page with moderators, and a described way to contact them
  • Currently we have 3 mods, 1 in EU, 1 in the US, 1 in Australia.
  • Communication currently takes place via the moderators ML
  • We agree that we need:
    • A Moderators Team mailing list process
    • Way to contact them.
    • A solution for permissions, since that team would currently not be able to ban/unban. Needs full access.
    • Set of rules on a dedicated wiki page.
  • Neal: we need to set the rules before we start
  • AI: Gertjan - be contact as forums mod.
  • AI: Sasi setup a wiki page.
  • AI: Sasi look into the details re. mailman

Freenode - issue#4

  • Board discussed the freenode -> move triggered by the freenode crisis.
  • AI: Gerald: registration and then draft an email proposing move to libera
  • Simon/Neal: needs namespace / group
  • We also discussed some tech details re. registering etc.

Tracking Board meetings / agendas

  • Neal: we're not ready for recorded meetings / live stream
  • Discusion re. tech details.
  • Public part first,, private stuff in separate room.
  • Simon linked agenda items to issues in code.o.o