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openSUSE Board meeting 2020-09-15 08:00 CEST

Present: Axel, Gerald, Simon, Stasiek, Vinz
Excused: Marina
Minutes: Vinz

Welcome LCP to the board

The board (once again) welcomed Stasiek as a new board member and gave a quick introduction on the time slot.

Tools for board internal communications

Picking up from the last meeting the board discussed on its internal communication tools and agreed to try a new way.

AI Axel: Set up the chat room and invite all other board members.

Reminder mail for board meetings (1 or 2 days ahead)

The board agreed to get its automated reminder emails back on the 2 days ahead schedule.

AI Axel: Make changes to the template on Github

openSUSE domain policy

Like other trademark questions domain registration for geographic openSUSE domains/local communities is handled by the board and will be covered by SUSE. DNS will be handled by the heroes, a ticket to get that going will be opened by the requestee themself.

AI: Gerald to handle the financial stuff.
AI: Gerald to add the process on the wiki for future reference.

openSUSE Twitter handle

Gerald points out that is still named "openSUSE Linux" which we may want to change as openSUSE is much more than just Linux.

AI: Vinz to contact Doug about it.

Preparation of oSLO board time slot

The newer board members were informed by longer active ones how board Q&As went at past openSUSE conferences. The board wants to hear about things the community is interested in.

AI: Vinz to send out an email to project mailing list.

Data protection officer for openSUSE

Postponed due to Marina's absence.

openSUSE + LibreOffice conference update

Postponed due to Marina's absence.

Gerald (suspectively) had the same issues like Marina in the past related to IPv6.

AI: Gerald to inform Marco about it.

Next call: same slot in two weeks = September 29th, 8:00 CEST