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Summary of the Board meeting on Tue 7th of July 2018



In general there wasn't much we could actually do, since most of the agenda items needed Richard's presence, who was on vacation.

  • The board discussed a couple of issues in the area of conflict resolving.
  • We also discussed the ongoing discussion re. an openSUSE Foundation / financial independence. We agreed that the discussion here in fact hits two different issues:
    • Option 1 being an openSUSE Foundation
    • Option 2 being able to receive money through something like SPI.

We agreed that Option 2 is best to address, discussion is ongoing.

  • Re. the second item we also discussed whether previous board members should be invited to a Board meeting, f.e. Henne. Simon offered to go for direct contact.
  • Furthermore we discussed the bugshare@o.o, which has some issues, Simon is looking into the matter
  • Last but not least we had an informal discussion about the sale of SUSE to EQT