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Archive:Board meeting 2020-07-20

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Board Meeting 2020-07-20

Participants: Axel, Gerald, Marina, Vinz
Absent (excused): Simon
Minutes taken: Vinz

Meeting start: 12.05 CEST

GDPR Status Report

Marina reports that there is nothing new yet and she still needs to talk/sort out some details.

Meeting Minutes

Gerald and Marina fell behind. Drafts will be sent to the board ML and minutes will be sent out afterwards.

  • AI all: Make sure meeting minutes get finalized until end of the week where the meeting took place.

Formal Complaint

There were formal complaints about a member's behavior. These complaints were handled.

Conflict Resolution

Moderation on mailing lists was discussed but considered not necessary currently. The rules as stated e.g. on Discord [1] before logging in should get adapted and be clearly visible on subscribing. The goal of this all is to install and communicate consistent rules across all openSUSE discussion channels.


Next Meeting

As agreed on before the next regular meeting will be in the morning slot (for northern hemispherics) to handle Australian DST issues.
The board set up August 4th, 8:00 CEST.

Meeting closed: 13.15 CEST