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Archive:Board meeting 2021-09-13

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Present: Simon, Axel, Syds, Gertjan, Neal
Guests: Maurizio, Attilla, Luna, Bill, Doug
Excused: Gerald

Board briefly goes through open tickets, no developments at the moment


Simon: Stagnation due to changes at SUSE, feedback from SUSE now seems to change to more positive

Advantage DE: possible keep governance / legal structure

Other options: US, BE

Axel mentions that the Board has agreed that it does not want to change the relationship with SUSE

Simon: This must come from community. To avoid it being seen as a way to avoid taxes from SUSE side. We're aiming for receiving money, from sponsors donations

Neal mentions Linux Foundation could possibly help. Also noted that LF helps with making American foundations, though they take a cut as part of that. We can certainly do it on our own, too

Axel mentions US Cloud Act being a potential issue. For this and the fact, that (open)SUSE has its roots in Germany, Axel proposes to keep the foundation in Europe

Neal noted meeting that the CLOUD Act of 2018 already applies to us due to SUSE using AWS and Azure and owning a DC in Provo, UT.

Simon: 2 ways to break a Foundation: GDPR, not doing proper accounting

SUSE providing part-time accounting, GDPR requests, Bill: a lawyer?

Simon: SUSE is willing to.. Trademarks owned by SUSE. If ™ owned by a Foundation , that Foundation has to defend them.

Neal also noted that we might want to consider an arrangement similar tohow Ziff Davis did for their trademarks and brand when the company split in two (Ziff Davis and Ziff Davis Enterprise), though that arrangement no longer exists with ZDE being gone now.

Doug: most of our sponsoring is wider community projects: smaller conferences etc. Doug brings up a possible Foundation on Curaçao

Gertjan asks Syds about possibilities in NL

AI Syds: find EN versions of NL Foundation docs