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Archive:Board meeting 2021-04-12

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Minutes of openSUSE Board meeting 2021-04-12, 1300 CEST

Attendees: Axel, Gertjan, Gerald, Neal, Simon, Syds, Vinz

Meeting Minutes: Simon

  • Please note some tickets on mentioned in these

minutes may only be accesable by members of the board.

To More Serious business:

Moving people off moderation

  • The Boards impression was that Heroes will automatically do this

after the time has elapsed

  • This doesn't seem to have been happening
  • AI: Gertjan to raise.

  • As a board we want to look at look at the rules around mailing list

usage, to put them more in line with other communications platforms (Forums, Discord etc)

  • AI: add to next meeting agenda - Maybe special topic meeting next week.
  • AI: Gertjan - talk to Sasi who sets policies for many other places

about joining the meeting

  • Further work on two ongoing conflicts raised with the board,
  and closing a third.

Defer Foundation + Emeritus Membership until a future meeting - Don't have time today.

Public Board meetings

  • Start meetings in public channel and move to private to discuss

private issues..

  • Trial for 2 months
  • If members wish to discuss a topic or ask questions add it to the

agenda atleast by the Thurs before the meeting to help with planning.

  • Possibly use ticketing system to create agenda.
  • If we do this trial it in private for a few meetings to get it

right first.

  • Due to urgency in some cases we may need to prioritize private

topics over public.

FSF Topic

  • Add explicit note about when it went out
  • Add note that we will not be sponsoring the FSF

(Vinz needs to leave)

  • Vote on whether we still post to news.o.o 4-1 in favor.
  • AI: Gerald to talk to Doug with regards to sending this out

AI: Axel Update bot reminder (Done)

AI: Neal to Eat breakfast (Yes I expect this gets a ticket along with all AI's in the ticketing system)