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Archive:Board meeting 2020-09-29

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Present: Axel, Gerald, Marina, Stasiek, Vinz
Excused: Simon
Minutes: Gerald

Marina got delayed so we restarted the meeting half an hour later, then also including her.

"openSUSE Intro"

  • Gerald wonders whether we have / should have / can get a general presentation?
  • Use cases: events, new partners, new colleagues (think SUSE and Rancher)
  • AI anyone who has material, please share.
  • AI Gerald to send a question to marketing@

Data protection officer for openSUSE

  • Not strictly necessary as of today, though desirable; latest with a Foundation openSUSE will need a data protection officer.
  • Gerald is waiting for a brief role description.
  • Will then share that and a request for volunteer(s) with project@.

openSUSE + LibreOffice conference update

  • Marina reported from prep call Sep 28th, where the team tested the platform,
  • Next step is testing accessibility.
  • AI everyone to log into the platform to become familiar.

Board presentation slot at openSUSE + LibreOffice conference

  • Not too much input from project@ so far.
  • Probably a good idea to create a slide deck, go through that, and then take open questions.
  • Some thoughts
    • Foundation
    • Closing the Leap Gap: transparency (features, bugs,...)
    • It would be great to get updates from the different teams of openSUSE.
  • AI Axel: prepare board presentation for oSLO, update statistics
  • AI Axel to invite heroes, marketing@, membership officials, election officials, localiz$
    • co-present, or
    • share input or slides, or
    • abstain this time around.