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Archive:Board meeting 2018-12-11

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Present: All


The Board shortly discussed the future of, will be further discussed in the next meeting.

Members retired

The intention of the new membership rules is to let members retired keep the perks they get when becoming an openSUSE member. This needs some investigation whether that is technically possible. ACTION: Christian will find out.


We briefly discussed the Google Summer of Code money, but need further info on which options we have. This will be rediscussed in the next meeting


The Board made a suggestions list in its retrospective of the oSC19. We are not sure if the conference organizers received that list. ACTION: Richard will (re)send it

Travel Support for oSC19

After a brief conversation the Board agrees that TSP is the responsibility of the Treasurer, and that it would be good to have Andrew join ( one of ) the first Board Meetings in 2019 ACTION: Ana will invite Andrew for one of the next meetings.

openSUSE Asia Conference 2019

Given the high estimates for TSP for the Asia Conference 2019, it was brought up whether it would be possible for the organising committee to find more local sponsors, then consolidate openSUSE's sponsorship money and TSP budget and spend those two amounts entirely on TSP ACTION: Simon will write to the Asia Conference committee

We discussed limiting the number of posts on to one per day, main reason a user is posting quite a lot, mostly unrelated to openSUSE, could be considered spamming. Board considers removing the spamming feed. ACTION: Christian will find out whether this is even possible.

Merging Election and Membership rules

This proposal was on our table for a while, but given the fact that the elections season has started, the Board agrees it's better to wait until after the current elections. ACTION: Richard will look into this matter in the new year.

Ancient Board tickets

Progress.o.o still holds some old open tickets from previous boards, that need cleaning up. ACTION: Richard will take care of the old tickets and close them.

And, as a last line of this year's Board Meeting minutes: The Board wishes all of you a Happy New Year.