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Archive:Board meeting 2018-09-04

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Board meeting minutes of Sep 4 2018


transparency discussion on opensuse-project@

We voted and the result was not to discuss it in this board meeting, and to continue the discussion on the public mailinglist. If needed, we might discuss it in the next board meeting.

DevFest'18- VIT Vellore sponsoring

ACTION : Gertjan will pass the available info on to Doug

sponsorship process

The workflow of asking for sponsorship and who decides is not always clear. Also, sometimes sponsorship requests get sent to board@ (which should not be the first point of contact)

The rule of thumb is:

  • for "usual" sponsorship, typically the openSUSE Marketing team decides
  • for "unusual" or unclear sponsorship requests, it gets escalated to the board

ACTION :Gertjan will send an email to Douglas to ask him to update the wiki to make it clear how to request sponsorship.

Code of Conduct

Ana noticed that the Code of Conduct is outdated but instead of discussing it in the meeting she wrote to opensuse-project@ (as an individual, because it's not the board's job to do these changes).

next board election

We'll ask for volunteers for the election commitee soon so that they have time to decide if the next election should happen at the documented date (in December) or two years after the (delayed) 2017 election.

ACTION: Simon writes in opensuse-project@ to ask for volunteers when he considers appropriate

The rsync.o.o server hardware died after 12 years, and will be replaced ASAP.

ACTION: Christian (wearing his Heroes hat) will ask the Heroes to take an inventory of our hardware (including a list of to-be-replaced hardware) to reduce the risk of similar hardware failures in the future.