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Present: Gertjan, Simon, Axel, Gerald, Christian

Absent with notice: Marina

Name vote

  • the board is happy that we got a clear result
  • future votes will always have an abstain option (Action: Gerald will announce this on the project ML)

openSUSE trademarks

  • Gerald will ask SUSE Legal to write a contract draft for the openSUSE trademarks so that the foundation can use them.
  • the contract should allow long-term / permanent permissions to use the trademarks
  • ideally, transfering the trademarks to the foundation in the future should be possible

Forum move

  • we are still waiting for the forums database dump. Gerald will escalate this with MF-IT.


  • Gerald is invited to a EU panel discussion in Brussels, he'll send the questions to board@ to get some input
  • Simon reported that kangaroos enjoy having fun[tm] with cars (running into or jumping onto them), and aren't easy to cook