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Archive:Board meeting 2020-03-31

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Minutes from 2020-03-31 board meeting

Attendees: Gerald Pfeifer, Axel Braun, Simon Lees, Vinzenz Vietzke, Marina Latini

Guests: Douglas, Matthias G. Eckermann.

Minutes keeper: Marina Latini


  1. Matthias and Douglas from SUSE: increase collaboration between openSUSE and SUSE
  2. Request for election officials
  3. Face to face board meeting
  4. Communication channels
  5. Foundation

1 Matthias and Douglas from SUSE: increase collaboration between openSUSE and SUSE

Matthias and Douglas from SUSE joined the board meeting for discussing how to increase the collaboration between openSUSE and SUSE.

  • Lunch & Learn internal SUSE meeting
    • the topic is still under discussion at SUSE with still some ongoing clarification.
    • general support on the proposal but with some points to be clarified.

NOTE: confidential topic

  • current challenges
    • technical
    • stage approach vs flat
      • different build and maintenance approaches
      • SLE and Leap codebase more diverse than expected
    • timing
    • community
      • buy-in from community is needed
      • the board is not the decision authority or a technical decision authority
      • several POV in the community
  • anyone pushing this too much likely to have an adversary effect
  • we want to present the idea to the community and let them decide about their goals and steps forward.

A stage approach appears the approach recommended.

  • When the binary compatibility will be achieved the switch from openSUSE to SUSE Linux Enterprise or vice versa will be just a re-branding plus few minor packages (the 30 complex).
  • The developer program will take advantage from this.
  • MicroOS could be one of the projects developed under this new developer approach with a synergy between SUSE and openSUSE
  • Leap and Uyuni could be leveraged

Next steps

  • this week
    • finish technical assessment
    • work on message for openSUSE community
    • pre-information for some presenters at virtual SUSECON (sessions about SLE and openSUSE)
  • next week (or shortly after Easter)
    • openSUSE board sends proposal to the community
    • list?
    • timeline?
    • who decides what the result is?
  • Once (kind of) agreement is visible
    • publish prototype in OBS

Simon: how this process could work for a non employee contributing to the packages and maintaining it

Matthias: not yet interlocked internally at SUSE

  • reproducible builds in IBS and OBS could be an advantage for SUSE and community
  • few partners with NDA.
  • feature process should be open: still a challenge how to implement it (SUSE is on Jira)

OLD approach for Leap:

  1. message from SUSE offering
  2. message from Board discussing about the proposal

2 Request for election officials

  • Gerald approached the election officials for the non-confidence topic and the board seat replacement. Even if COVID-19 is burning time and energies the election officials are on the topic.

3 Face to face board meeting

decision: deferred until the board will be fully staffed again and global travel restrictions are resolved.

4 Communication channels

The Document Foundation tested also BigBlueButton.

AI Marina: keep updating about jitsi vs. BigBlueButton and suggest best option to select

5 Foundation

AI for all the board: revisit the ongoing discussion for drafting a proposal.