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Archive:Board meeting 2020-12-08

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Board meeting Minutes 2020-12-08 0800 CET

Attendees: Marina, Stasiek, Gerald, Vinz, Simon, Axel
Minutes: Axel
Meeting closed 0930 CET
Next meeting 2020-12-22 0800 CET


6 meeting minutes outstanding - overdue reminder given to individuals

Pending trademark approval for notebook preload

  • Shop in Belgium asked for permission to use openSUSE logo for preloads
  • According to redistribution is allowed
  • Shop wants to apply additional unfree software (Skype, Zoom,...)
  • Some questions aound this procedure - Simon to drive open questions with shop

Various complaints about user behaviour on openSUSE mailing list(s)

Tracking trademark usage approvals

delayed due to time constraints