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Board Meeting 2020-06-24

Present: Axel, Marina, Gerald, Vinz
Guest: Doug (first topic)
Excused: Simon

The Teams of openSUSE

  • An idea was brought up to introduce the various teams we have in openSUSE, similar to the contributor interviews from the past.
  • Why? Share some of the goodness and options to contribute we have at openSUSE.
  • was pointed out as an overview, alas some teams are missing. But it's a good start, and this is a good initiative per se and to help build out that page.
  • Side question: Do we want to propose to have the individual reports somewhere on in addition to
  • Initial thought is to focus on and see whether we can do a summary/compilation blog with references on in the communities blog instead (to increase awareness for openSUSE from that angle).
  • This is not meant to replace or compete with "people of openSUSE" interviews, rather to complement.
  • Some concerns that not all teams/team members might be interested in this kind of publicity, but: never try, never know.

openSUSE Conference and GDPR

  • Marina, Doug, and Ciaran (from SUSE Legal) are working together on GDPR related topics around the openSUSE Conference, which should also prove useful for openSUSE in general and a base for work on a Foundation.

Status of Foundation?

  • Axel voices concerns about progress (or lack thereof) on a Foundation.
  • At the last openSUSE Conference Thomas Di Giacomo (SUSE Present of Engineering and Innovation) appeared supportive, but there's not been much progress since.
  • Gerald shares his personal perspective, from his own observations, insights into SUSE, and various conversations:
  • Best way forward appears to work out a comprehensive summary and proposal
    • Why?
    • How? (Foundation over eV,...)
    • "Project plan"
    • Requirements
    • ideas on funding
  • Need to share this and "sell" to SUSE.
  • Axel offered to create a first draft of a summary.