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Archive:Board meeting 2021-08-16

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Minutes of openSUSE Board meeting 2021-08-16

Present: Axel, Gerald, Gertjan, Neal (second half), Simon, Vinz
Guests: Maurizio (m4u9), Richard (sysrich), Attila/Adator, Doug, Bittin, Brejoc, Adrien, Marcus Meissner (partly)
Minutes: Gerald
Next: Gertjan

Defi for Z-Bau

  • Promised defi after events at most recent in person oSC at Z-Bau
  • Doug looking into it, definitely plan to still do it
  • Post meeting update: done

Moderator accountability across all platforms (#9)

  • How were existing moderation teams bootstrapped?
  • In case of Forums consolidation from 3 existing one to 1
  • Discord started from scratch
  • Wrt mailing lists focus on project@ initially
  • Maybe factory@, too, to help keep people on topic
  • Different approaches:
    • ask for volunteers
    • approach/nominate some
    • existing moderators from other media
  • Side topic: common forum for all moderators (across all media)
  • Next steps:
    • AI Simon to drive
    • mail announcement including request for volunteers (Gerald to help)
    • project@ and factory@
    • obtain list of current moderators (from LCP)
    • Clarify confidentialty of lists like board@,... with moderators
  • Need ability for everyone to raise issues with moderators
  • mailing list for moderators
  • AI Mauricio, Gertjan
  • for reference:

Teams and Sharing/Communications (#25)

  • some exchange, no concrete next steps