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Archive:Board meeting 2021-03-29

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Minutes of openSUSE Board meeting 2020-03-29, 2100 CEST

Attendees: Gerald, Gertjan, Neal, Simon, Syds, Axel
Excused: Vinz
Minutes: Axel
Meeting closed: 2230 CEST

Syds (New Treasurer) joins the board and we discuss his role

Multiple conflict resolution issues

Timing of board calls

  • With all regions switching to summer time current timing means 0430 for Simon
  • Proposal: 0700 NY, 1300 Europe and 2030 Australia
  • Check with Vinz
  • Plan B if Plan A does not work: Move next call to 2200 Nürnberg time
  • [Note: We go for 1300 CEST]

Recent developments in FSF

  • We would not like to sign any existing letter as oS Board
  • We would like to publish a note where we emphasize the CoC and guiding principles of the openSUSE community
  • As a sponsor of FSF we would like to see the guiding principles reflected. We would not like to sponsor an organization that is not in line with CoC and common values.
  • AI Simon and Neal to draft proposal based on Geralds mail to the board.
  • For the time being, sponsorship is suspended
  • [Note: Board statement was published to project@ in between]