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Archive:Board meeting 2018-06-05

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On Tuesday, 5th June 2018, took place the second meeting of the new openSUSE Board.


Action Items from the face2face board meeting

  • Handling feature requests / replacement of openFATE
  • Conference committee
    • Richard talked to Doug to get it started
  • mailinglist cleanup
    • we'll shut down mailinglists that are not active for a year
    • before doing so, we'll ask on opensuse-project and the affected mailinglist
  • Communication channels
    • a few community members started to "play" with Matrix
  • Involving community in board meeting agenda
  • make openSUSE subprojects more visible
    • Ana and Gertjan will add our subprojects (openQA, OBS, Jangouts, ...) to the wiki main page
    • www.o.o needs a similar update - but one job at a time
  • license
    • news.o.o should get an open source license
    • Richard will talk to Doug to choose one
  • openSUSE money independence
    • Simon will investigate options like SPI to handle sponsor's money independent of SUSE
  • projects and events sponsored by openSUSE
    • Richard speaks with Doug about it
    • we got a sponsoring proposal from a community member - Ana will reply and forward it to Doug


  • we'll update the documentation about becoming a member to match the simplified rules
  • we'll make sure non-technical contributions (for example helping at openSUSE conferences or helping with translations) are included as examples
  • membership for proven active contributors:
    • we (ideally someone from the membership commitee) will reach out to groups like forum admins and remind them that they can easily become a member for what they are doing
    • we won't send out such reminders to individual persons

oSC18 review / post mortem

  • we decided to dedicate the next meeting complete for the conference
  • AI everybody (board and community): send feedback about oSC18 - what did you like, what should we improve?

Leap 15

  • download statistics will be late and incomplete because logging was partially broken