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On Tuesday, 15th May 2018, took place the first meeting of the new openSUSE Board.



1. Summaries of Board Meetings

Ana proposed that the Board take its habit of writing summaries of the meetings up. All of the members agreed. From now on (including this meeting) a summary of the meeting will be written and shared with the community. Every time a different member will write the summary and we will rotate alphabetically: Ana, Christian, Gertjan, Richard, Sarah and Simon.

2. Resolve old differences

There was some old differences between some board members which needed being discussed. All the the Board members gave their opinion and an agreement that allows them to keep working in a friendly environment was reached. ❤❤❤

3. F2F Board Meeting

The Face to Face Board Meeting will take place on Prague from 2018-05-22 to 2018-05-24, where the new Board will discuss, plan and start driving its collective agenda. The outcome of this meeting will be presented in the Annual Discussion with openSUSE Board during the openSUSE Conference:

All Board members will attend this meeting completely, with the exception of Sarah, who due to her university commitments will only join in person on the 22nd and via video conference for the remaining days when she is available.

Next online meeting is moved to 2018-06-05.

  • ACTION: Ana creates and shares a document so that all Board member can add their topics for the F2F meeting.
  • ACTION: Richard changes the automatic reminder for the next meeting.

4. GDPR and TSP email from KDE

The Board received an email from the KDE e.V. Board asking if we know if how GDPR affects the TSP installation. Nobody in the board is sure of the answer.

  • ACTION: Richard asks the legal team in SUSE.
  • ACTION: Richard writes KDE e.V. Board back with an update