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Board meeting 16 April 2019, 2200 CEST

Attendees: Richard, Gertjan, Marina, Christian, Simon, Axel
Guest: Doug deMaio

openSUSE Conference & sponsorships (Doug)

Doug reported on the ongoing preparation of openSUSE Conference 2019 in Nürnberg. As we are not a legal entity it is difficult to collect sponsor money. Doug working on a workaround Shirts and Bags are about to be ordered

Doug has raised already the point that at least a separate Account would be beneficial for the collection of donations

Board should narrow down the options on an organization and have an open discussion during the public board meeting at oSC

Joining organization like SPI despite the x% charge? Still the issue that there is basically nobody from openSUSE to sign a contragt with SPI - it would be SUSE management

oSC 2020 Conference

There is a sound proposal from a team in Albania who organized already other openSource meetings like LibreOffice conference. The community is young and motivated in Albania. Ideally we have new location decided by September.

Foundation model

A foundation (like the LibreOffice/Document foundation) needs at least 50k€ to start-up, e.V. does not need this amount of money. Both models require a legal registration, changes to statutes require court approval, basic settings, like being a non-profit organization may even not be changed at all LibreOffice/Document foundation started just from donations, and collected this 50k in a short amount of time. Discussion is ongoing, but looks like the e.V. is more empowering to the community. We will try to invite an insider from Document foundation for next meeting to learn about pros/cons of foundation model

IRC/Discord/Telegram/Matrix/Chat structures

Most services are interfaced between each other in between (e.g. project channel on discord and IRC). Different types of users are preferring different channels - in general the bridging of different chat technologies was accepted by the community Some more volunteers are needed as IRC admins. Simon to raise call on openSUSE News

Proposal/decision for writing minutes

Christian initiated the proposal: We should go round robin, with one exception: Those who did not send out minutes in time has to write next minutes. Accepted by all particiants

Meeting ended at 2330 CEST