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Archive:Board meeting 2019-07-23

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Absent: Marina


Reminder bot was migrated to new server.

Mailinglist server was down.


Richard introduced the new CEO to the Board, shared his first impressions, and shared Melissa's statements regarding the importance of openSUSE to SUSE and her commitment that SUSE will to continue supporting openSUSE and other communities SUSE is involved in.

AI: Richard to forward to the Board the letter from Melissa.

Kubic trademark

Richard explained that SUSE has, on behalf of openSUSE, registered a Kubic trademark. It is not yet approved, but Logos/references/etc should start referring to Kubic "TM".

Board will consider it an 'openSUSE Mark' for the purposes of the openSUSE Trademark Policy

Brand Transfer

DECISION: Board approved a draft mail to request SUSE transfer the openSUSE Marks, starting with the creation of a draft contract between SUSE and the to-be-created Foundation

AI: Richard to send out approved draft on behalf of the Board

openSUSE Asia

Board discussed who is going to openSUSE Asia. Both Simon and Axel will be representing the Board at this community event.