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Minutes 2020-04-14 board meeting

Present: Axel, Gerald, Simon, Vinz
Excused: Marina

Election Officials

  • We have not seen/heard from the Election Officals on the current items for a bit after the latest update.
  • Axel and Gerald (independently) reached out to inquire.
  • AI Gerald: ask election officials to update opensuse-project@. Done.

Status Foundation

  • Things have hardly been moving on either end, due to many other things going on (IT carve out from MF, Forums migration, Bugzilla migration, COVID-19, Closing the Leap Gap,...)
  • Gerald to see to revive things on the SUSE side. WIP.
  • AI board members: review a note Simon has written.

Logo Design

Closing the Leap Gap

  • Appears to be proceeding well in terms of engagement and constructive discussions. Lots of good work happening, but will need to see follow through (opening up things,...) and viability of the technical concept.