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Minutes of openSUSE Board meeting 2020-02-01

Present: Axel, Gerald, Gertjan, Neal, Vinz
Excused: Simon
Minutes: Gerald
Next: Neal


  • Introduction Syds
  • Financial controller/accountant for 15 years, variety of businesses & freelance
  • "everything with computers and numbers"
  • openSUSE member since last year
  • General discussion on the role of treasurer
  • SUSE is willing to share opex budget spent on openSUSE with board

AI Simon: reach out to Andrew (outgoing treasurer) before any announcement

Follow-up on Year End Survey

  • Not everyone on the board could join, but all very positive about the initiative
  • Good conversations
  • No specific actions for the board as a body
  • Individually we do/will support


  • A bit of confusion around upgrade of the forums software, which turned out to be a misunderstanding
  • Idea: It would be great if various team share somewhat regular updates (monthly to quartlery maybe) about all the goodness they do, WIP, and challenges

AI Neal: approach other Heroes on the idea of some regular update

Leap 15.3

  • One of us mentioned some specific technical issues they saw
  • Suggestion to raise with openSUSE release engineering team