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openSUSE:KDE meeting

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This page covers meetings and times of the meetings and plans.

KDE Team IRC Meetings

The openSUSE KDE Community Team invites everyone interested to join the #opensuse-kde channel for KDE related matters and to chat with the community members that are there to support the KDE community on openSUSE.

In addition, the KDE community team holds regular meetings for anyone interested to show up and suggest or discuss topics.

There are some tasks related to managing the meetings, see managing meetings for details.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 1 April 18:00 UTC

The next meeting is planned for Wednesday 1 April at 18:00 UTC / 20:00 CET.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Transition plan to switch TW to Plasma5 as default. When, how, etc.
  • Issues that were reported regarding Plasma5 from the community.
  • Changes to the default setup: Application Menu, Desktop Theme, etc
  • SDDM startup issue with Breeze theme. Solution, workaround, .. ?
  • Status KDE Applications 15.04.
  • OBS repositories that will be used for Frameworks, Plasma and Applications.
  • Other topics.