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Last Meetings: 2012-03.28

  • Rebooting the team
  • 12.2 Focus and features
    • Enable users to manage user privileges, i.e. make PolicyKit-GUI work. (bko 295810, bko 287317)
  • Ensure that patches to KDF, KR48 are delivered to the user within 24 hours, i.e. get higher build priority for those repos on patch-commit-days
  • Rename Repo KDE 3 in trinity (projects more clearly delineate)? --Linuxsusefan 05:15, 20 March 2012 (MDT)


#action cartman make sure kdepim fixes are in KR48 repo.
#action cartman Cherry pick fixes from KDF into KR48 again.
#action wstephenson Have a look at mail loss bugs in and let PIM team know/fix.
#action tittiatcoke debug kdm & systemd integration problems with cartman.
#action cartman Have a look at bko# 295810 and bko# 287317
#action cartman KDE3 should be out of KDE: to avoid confusion
#action krop Check Calligra rpmlint logs and submit to O:F
#action tittiatcoke submit kdeworkspace-systemd patch to KDF
#action tittiatcoke Instead, submit kdm-systemd.patch to KDF