openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20110126

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Old Action Items

  • wstephenson to contact i18n team with regards to openSUSE guides. Not done
  • javier to contact Beineri with regards to the live cd listings on kde-apps. No response, javier explores possibilities
  • tittiatcoke to 'enable tapping and disable while typing with 0.8 seconds' for synaptiks in kdebase4-opensuse config Done
  • tittiatcoke to think about how to execute next release cycle better (calendar, task allocation) Not done
  • wstephenson to review hal k3b 2.0.2 list Done, hal free
  • wstephenson to handle bnc#661844 Done
  • cb400f to report kpk naming clash with sw_single Done, bnc 664083
  • rabauke to write openSUSE:KDE_11.4_packagekit Done

Status Report

  • nepomuk is off for livecd
  • kpackagekit integration going forward, zypp problems still to shake out
  • wstephenson has been very busy fixing configuration, branding, testing nepomuk patches, being at 2 sprints, now trying to be creative in hackweek.EOT
  • KDE 4.6.0 in KDF

Default Phonon backend - see thread on the list (cb400f)

Improve descriptions of KDE repos in the community repo list

  • rabauke wasn't there to provide more details
  • no strong proponents

Add more repos to the community list

  • only safe repos and only ~2 allowed for the list, so stick with current Extra and UpdatedApps


meeting time

  • no opposition to 15:00 UTC meeting time in channel nor -kde list, accepted

Action Items

  • wstephenson to contact i18n team with regards to openSUSE guides.
  • javier to further explore the live cd listings on kde-apps.
  • all Check kde packagekit frontend
  • duncanmv wstephenson to fix the pk-zypp backend
  • all test phonon-gstreamer + pulseaudio combo
  • wstephenson make phonon 4.4.4 pkgs
  • discussion on repo naming etc to deferred to next meeting