openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20120926

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Meeting 26th September 2012

For discussion this week:

  • Team organization
  • KDE Repository organization. Which repo's to use and with what purpose
  • Which KDE version is targeted to ship with openSUSE 12.3

Generic all-time topics:

  • status report
  • Q&A, misc


#decision The KDE repositories will be KRxy, KDF and KUSC. KDS will no longer be used. 
#decision The repositories will build against lesser targets. KR47 builds for 11.4, KR48 will build against 11.4/12.1/12.2, KR49 will build against 12.1/12.2, KDF and KUSC will build against 12.2/Factory
#decision Development workflow for major KDE releases remain the same. snapshots will be placed in KUSC until RC-state. RC-state will be moved to KDF and pushed to Factory. Just before the KDE release, the corresponding KRxy repo will be setup. 
#decision Target is to ship KDE release 4.10 with openSUSE 12.3. 

Priority Items

#Priority Fixing KR49 and getting it in the right state is the highest priority for the team. Until then as least as possible changes should be made to KDF. 


#action all Check/Validate the Team tasklist on
#action einar77 helping out with patches
#action NicoK send a list of packages in KR49 to tittiatcoke that needs working on.
#action tittiatcoke contact the maintenance team to discuss the possiblity to provide KDE point releases throught the maintenance workflow
#action tittiatcoke check with coolo the release calendar for 12.3 and when the freeze would be
#action tittiatcoke create a wiki page to list the items we need to do and create metabugs to used to list/tracke the ship-block bugs and nice-to-have bugs
#action tittiatcoke check calligra packages in KR49 and push it to KDF

Old non-finished Action items