openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20130319

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Meeting 19th March 2013

For discussion this week:

  • Planning a review of openSUSE patches
  • Adjustment (enforcing) of patch policy
  • Summary of the 12.3 development cycle: what was good, what wasn't, ideas for improvement
  • Initial plans for 13.1
  • Review of KDE Repositories, especially : (tittiatcoke)
                            - How to proceed with KUSC ? (bnc#706813 and the work done by shumski)
                            - KDE:Unstable:Playground:Telepathy

Generic all-time topics:

  • Action Items
  • status report
  • Q&A, misc


#action alin write to factory ML regarding Simon's status
#action cb400f Make a start with a wiki page for apper
#action einar77 Create a skeleton page for patch review
#action einar77 Announce wiki page for patch review on ML
#action tittiatcoke investigate the creation of a github repo for patches and other KDE team tools
#action all Enforce annotated patch policy for future SRs
#action NicoK open a FATE ticket for improved history in OBS
#action einar77 write to opensuse-kde ML for the new patch policy
#action shumski annotate existing patches if the new patch policy proceeds
#action shumski further investigate out-of-prefix KUSC
#action shumski submit sysinfo to KDE:Extra with the indication that it is unsupported
#action krop drop akonadi-googledata and libgcal from KDE:Extra for KDE:Release:48
#action all SR's to core packages in KDF will be accepted once or maximum twice a week to minimize the KDF rebuilds
#action tittiatcoke Set the local flags for KR410 to prevent unnecessary rebuilds

Old non-finished Action items

#action wstephenson will work on ksuseinstall (bug#671578)
#action tittiatcoke ask llunak if he is willing/interested to support ksuseinstall. If not then ksuseinstall will be dropped
#action wstephenson & einar77 create a patch-formatter to add the kde standard headers.
#action all Think about the current bug reporting/solving process and how it could be improved
#action kokeroulis, terietor, tigerfoot Validate if there is BoF session at osc12 regarding a new bugzilla instance for openSUSE and if possible participate.
#action tittiatcoke check with cartman with regards to bug #659153