openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20110316

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Old Action Items

  • wstephenson - to contact i18n team with regards to openSUSE guides - not done
  • wstephenson, duncanmv fix packagekit-zypp some more - done
  • anaumov - study packagekit-zypp
  • cb400f - patch in icons from kupdateapplet
  • all - test phonon-gstreamer + pulseaudio combo
  • remur_030 - bring up triage strategy on list - done

Status Report

  • wstephenson: Congratulations to everyone, the feedback on 11.4 in the press is almost all good.
  • krop: The akonadi-facebook resource is available in KDE:Unstable:Playground. Available for the KDF,KR46,KUSC users.
  • krop: small cleanup in the KUP packages. Some were abandoned since ages.

11.4 marketing rally and announcement

Going forward with KDE:Unstable:SC

There were no recent snapshot due to the KDE Git migration which means KUSC currently has outdated packages. Unstable:SC was created by dirk to test his weekly tarballs, but we have noticed that a lot more people are using Unstable for testing purposes, etc. The question is now if we want to continue providing a weekly update there or that we leave this up to dirk to decide when to update.

When to start 11.5 stuff

wstephenson wants to organize another meeting to talk about which features we should develop for OpenSUSE 11.5


Action Items

  • wstephenson ask maintenance team how to replace knm with pnm
  • wstephenson talk to dirk about KUSC updating scripts
  • wstephenson talk to dirk about KUSC scripts