openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20130924

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Meeting 24th September 2013

For discussion this week:

  1. 1 KDE 4.11 in openSUSE 13.1 :
                           - What was pushed to Factory ?
                           - What can or need to be improved ?
  1. 2 Clean-up of disabled packages in KDE:Distro:Factory

Generic all-time topics:

  • Action Items
  • status report
  • Q&A, misc


  • Plasma-nm will be proposed to be the new default KDE NetworkManager plasmoid for 13.1
  • Disabled packages for both distro's in KDF will be removed


  • tittiatcoke update the current plasma-nm with some upstream commits regarding notifications and widget layout
  • tittiatcoke update the KDE patterns to remove networkmanagement-plasmoid and replace with plasma-nm
  • tittiatcoke check with coolo if we still are allowed to perform this change
  • tittiatcoke check with coolo if we can still have KDE:Telepathy in 13.1
  • tittiatcoke check with legal and coolo if we can still get Qt 5.1 in 13.1
  • shumski prepare phonon-patch regarding notification volume and push to KDF.
  • tittiatcoke remove disabled packages in KDF