openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20121017

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Meeting 17th October 2012

For discussion this week:

  • KDE Improvements
  • Do we prefer now inlne patch-tags vs the old KDE patch annotaion policy ?
  • Bug Handling
  • Bug Squashing session

Generic all-time topics:

  • status report
  • Q&A, misc


#decision minor KDE:SC release updates and bugfixes for non-SC packages will be done in KRxy repo and then forwarded to the maintenance channel for distro updates. Major updates for non-SC packages are provided through KUA. 
#decision KDE packages will combine the openSUSE and KDE patch annotation policies to provide optimal information.


#action all Assign yourself to the items on the Improvement list that you will take care off.
#action wstephenson & einar77 create a patch-formatter to add the kde standard headers.
#action all Think about the current bug reporting/solving process and how it could be improved
#action kokeroulis, terietor, tigerfoot Validate if there is BoF session at osc12 regarding a new bugzilla instance for openSUSE and if possible participate.
#action einar77, ctrippe Organize a bug squashing for the KDE bugs in 11.4.
#action tittiatcoke check with cartman with regards to bug #659153

Old non-finished Action items

#action all Check/Validate the Team tasklist on
#action tittiatcoke check with coolo the release calendar for 12.3 and when the freeze would be