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Old action items

  • remur_030 write last call mail for the kde3 applications list
    • done, no replies
  • wstephenson put package list in gitorious
    • not done, but wstephenson collects scripts and other helpers in kde-maintainers repo

Status report

  • wstephenson has been at the kde-telepathy upstream sprint
    • kopete replacement preview in time for 11.4
  • llunak switched to OOo team (now LibreOffice)
  • llunak worked on the kde-obs-generator, less kde specific
  • package fixes (wstephenson)
  • KDF switched to Qt 4.7
  • thanks to tittiacoke kusc is fresh, breakage in kdebindings

Lubos' move to OOo team

  • we are sad to see him go
  • wish him the best =)
  • wstephenson has the main workload for now, will focus on documenting processes to ease start in kde-team (for community and employee)
  • can use all the help, jump in irc and be welcome =)

Dev Days ticket


  • thrice requests better documentation for packagers, wstephenson will be working on that
    • hints at nice pictures!
  • a lack of good comunication on -kde was discussed
    • keep it polite and respect the work of others
    • we don't want to loose people over fighting, mail to -kde or ask on irc, don't just start loosing your temper