openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20130108

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Meeting 8th January 2013

For discussion this week:

  • Should we remove things which were maintained by SUSE before and are basically unmaintained now, e.g. kio_sysinfo (ctrippe)
  • Status KDE 4.10 release schedule
  • Status KDE 4.9.x releases
  • Artwork (openSUSE KDE Desktop theme, lightdm-kde-greeter, etc)
  • Include KDE Telepathy in openSUSE 12.3 (target to replace Kopete in the next release ?)
  • Validation of the item on our KDE Improvement page. ( )
  • Remove old repositories (krop) concerned: KR46, KR47(?), K:U:P/(KR47,KR48,KR49_12.1)

Generic all-time topics:

  • status report
  • Q&A, misc


#decision Drop kio_sysinfo from the KDF/Factory repo's.
#decision Keep the SUSEgreeter, but make the content easily available for updates.
#decision keep the kickoff patch for reduced menu-depth
#decision KUP to be build for (Factory + current opensuse version)*KDE flavors (KRxy, KDF, KUSC)
#decision Delete KR46 and KR47 repositories


#action tittiatcoke keep the discussion apper/kupdateapplet on the actionlist until we know what happens with the PackageKit zypp backend
#action wstephenson will work on ksuseinstall (bug#671578)
#action tittiatcoke ask llunak if he is willing/interested to support ksuseinstall. If not then ksuseinstall will be dropped
#action tittiatcoke check the updater/packagekit situation in Gnome and validate open bugreports for Apper
#action alin to push simon to KDE:Extra
#action cb400f Check with the evergreen maintainers if they are willing to maintain KUA for 11.4. If not, then drop the repo

Old non-finished Action items

#action wstephenson & einar77 create a patch-formatter to add the kde standard headers.
#action all Think about the current bug reporting/solving process and how it could be improved
#action kokeroulis, terietor, tigerfoot Validate if there is BoF session at osc12 regarding a new bugzilla instance for openSUSE and if possible participate.
#action tittiatcoke check with cartman with regards to bug #659153