openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20100805

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Old action items

  • Announce bug triage 13th-16th of August (javier_, 16:44:26)

Status Report

  • wstephenson to add a start nepomuk button to the akonadi warning dialog -> Work-in-Progress (fixed an underlying bug that we mispackaged nepomuk itself)
  • llunak will post the conclusion around repository reorganization to the list (done)
  • javier run a bug triage (not done), date chosen: 13-16th, from Friday to Monday.
  • wstephenson will tell upstream about the kde-four-live cd to include it in the kde sc release announcement (done)

Q&A, Misc

  • n/a

Action items

  • cb400f will announce the call for adoption of orphaned packages
  • javier_: Announce bug triage 13th-16th of August
  • llunak update meeting howto (meetbot, etc.)
  • llunak lead discussion about KDE:45 repo on opensuse-kde list
  • remur_030 read llunak's mail on -project about what a strategy is about
  • wstephenson will send to the list the changes made on kde-four-live