openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20101209

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Old Action Items

  • No old Action Items.

Status Report

  • wstephenson has preparing 4.6beta2 release and testing/fixing PIM 4.6
  • wstephenson also packaged koffice 2.3rc1 with titti's help
  • wstephenson has also been working on KNM's solid::control refactoring and integrating patches from pardus
  • tittiatcoke fixed ktorrent to work with the new KDE powermanagement.
  • javier is working on having an openSUSE KDE Live CD, Iberian edition

Getting rid of

  • OpenSUSE guides might be more useful, but are not translated in all languages. The community might be able to help with the translation, but where to store the translations. wstephenson will check with the i18n team what they think. Also it would be good to have a link to the guides from the openSUSE greeter.

Updating live cd listings

  • It has already been reported that the links were broken. A good way has to be found where we either have static links to a download folder or to have static filenames. This has also to be discussed with Beineri, as that he is the owner of the entry.


  • wstephenson is quite busy and is worried that he is not doing enough with the team. The team however feels the opposite and is impressed with how much is happening. The only thing noticeable was that the biweekly meetings were sometimes skipped without notice.
  • wstephenson brings up the item to skim openfate entries. Agreement is that this will be done tomorrow (Friday 10th) with everybody that is available on IRC. wstephenson will coordinate.
  • wstephenson indicates that he is considering to ship kdepim 4.4 as well as kdepim 4.6. This based on the current status of kdepim 4.6 with regards to migration from kmail1 to kmail2, responsiveness of kmail2 and the issues around virtuoso.

Action Items

  • wstephenson to contact i18n team with regards to openSUSE guides
  • Javier to contact Beineri with regards to the live cd listings on kde-apps.
  • wstephenson to lead the skimming through the openfate entries.