openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20101111

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Old Action Items

  • wstephenson - media package lists in gitorious
    • Not done

Status Report

  • wstephenson was variously at the conference, on holiday and being ill for the last 3 weeks
  • westephenson is making KDE-SDK-Live more generally useful
  • tittiatcoke reports that Unstable is suprisingly stable
  • good progress upstream for solid and k3b getting rid of HAL dependency and using udisks, upower instead
  • wstephenson is bug triaging kmail2 this weekend - anyone wants to help, come to #kontact

Drop 11.2 from KUSC?

  • It was discussed to stop builing KDE:Unstable:SC for 11.2 to save buildpower. We will try to figure out how many people use 11.2+KUSC and if there's a big need to save buildpower.

Extend operator list for this channel

  • mrdocs, tittiatcoke and cb400f will become operators in #opensuse-kde (if they don't object). Dominian is an ex freenode staffer and will help out too. wstephenson will do the job of giving access.

Replacement of some "older" applications in KDF ? (e.g. Rekonq vs Arora, Bluedevil vs kbluetooth, etc)

  • It's time to submit the new things we want in 11.4 to KDE:Distro:Factory - examples are rekonq, bluedevil, possibly gtk-oxygen-engine and phonon-vlc and maybe other things mentioned on the KDE_ideas wiki page. And also update the patterns so e.g. bluedevil gets installed by default.


  • New kde booster hiring is going very well

Action Items

  • wstephenson media package lists in gitorious
  • wstephenson check demand and resource levels
  • wstephenson give new ops ops
  • wstephenson poke dirk about Qt html5 stuff (bnc #559006)