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openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20150401

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Meeting 1st April 2015

For discussion this week:

1 Transition plan to switch TW to Plasma5 as default. When, how, etc. 2 Issues that were reported regarding Plasma5 from the community.Changes to the default setup: Application Menu, Desktop Theme, etc 3 SDDM startup issue with Breeze theme. Solution, workaround, .. ? 4 Status KDE Applications 15.04. 5 OBS repositories that will be used for Frameworks, Plasma and Applications. 6 AOB, Q&A


  • Transition to Plasma5 as default will happen end of April (depending on the readiness of openQA)
  • KDE Applications 15.04 will be released for Factory/Tumblweed together with the switch to Plasma5
  • Plasma5/Framework5 and Applications 15.04 will obsolete their KDE4 counterpart packages
  • KDE 4 as a Desktop Environment will no longer be supported/maintained for Factory/Tumbleweed after the transition.
  • The default menu in Plasma5 will be kicker
  • Breeze will be the default theme for Plasma5
  • The upstream KDE menu structure will be used
  • The new OBS repositories will be KDE:Frameworks (for Frameworks and Plasma5), KDE:Applications (for the KDE Application releases) and KDE:Extra (for other KDE/Qt related community packages. For each one of these repos there will be an unstable variant

Action items

  • Think what to do with the Update Applet (Apper/Muon) ? Or should we drop this in favor of plain YaST/zypper ?
  • tittiatcoke to check with openQA team who should normally write new tests for openQA
  • tittiatcoke to check with coolo and DimStar what the limit is for the liveCD
  • shumski to contact the volunteer to openSUSE'ify the Breeze iconset
  • shumski to look into the default browser settings