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Old Action Items

  • wstephenson - ask maintenance team how to replace knm with pnm Not done
  • wstephenson - talk to dirk about KUSC updating scripts Done. We're now using tittiatcoke's script

Status Report

  • wstephenson has been clearing the enterprise stuff that built up during 11.4
  • wstephenson helping cartman by testing the KDE promo DVD
  • wstephenson has been getting Plasma Active bootstrapped in the OBS
  • mrdocs - scribus 1.4 will be released soon
  • KDE-PIM 4.4.11 will be released in the next few days

Remove SLE11, 11.2 and 11.3 from KDE:Unstable:Playground

The repositories build/publish have been disabled and will be removed ASAP

Status Plasmoid-networkmanagement (PNM) with regards to NetworkManager 0.9

Thanks to various contributors and testers, PNM now mostly support NM 0.9. Now it works fine, so moving NM 0.9 to Factory wouldn't be an issue.

Time of the meeting.

Due to summertime, the meetings will now be held at 4pm CET

Action Items