openSUSE:KDE Meeting 20101014

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Old Action Items

  • wstephenson - media package lists in gitorious - not done
    • Not done

Status Report

  • Unstable has a new snapshot since Tuesday
  • wstephenson was at the Solid sprint 2 weekends ago, which was promising, got most of the udev/udisks/upower things done in Solid for 4.6 and a lot more mobile broadband support done in KNM
  • wstephenson is preparing for next week's opensuse conf - 2 talks, 1 workshop
  • new koffice beta, kde 4.5.2

kdereview games

  • Some games in kdereview are currently not being accepted in kdegames. Until they move somewhere else they'll be packaged standalone in the K:U:P repository


  • Interviews for new Boosters are ongoing. Good candidates among them.
  • K:D:F repository will move to KDE SC 4.6 around beta 1 time (mid to late November)