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Xfce is a free and open source desktop environment which features a visually appealing and intuitive user interface designed for productivity.

The Xfce desktop environment consists of a number of components providing all functionality expected from a modern desktop environment, including a session manager, panel, application launcher, desktop manager, file manager, settings manager, and a window manager with compositing. Many components remain optional and/or may be exchanged for alternatives.

In addition to the core components the Xfce community provides numerous applications, utilities, and add-ons such as a terminal emulator, task manager, media player, panel plugins and file manager extensions.

The Xfce desktop is a well integrated and fully supported part of openSUSE. For more information about Xfce visit its website.

Install and Use

From the disk:
The Xfce desktop can be installed from the installation DVD or NET images.

From the live system:
Alternatively, openSUSE Tumbleweed can be tested and installed with Xfce in live mode. ISO images are available here.

On an existing system:
Besides already installed desktop environments you can install all necessary packages via the pattern xfce. Either via YaST or directly in the terminal:

sudo zypper in -t pattern xfce




* Cleaning package spec files
  - Make xfce_basis pattern visible in the installer
  - Add `Requires:       pattern() = x11` to xfce_basis pattern
  - Replace Gnome Calculator with Mate Calculator
- Replace xscreensaver with xfce4-screensaver