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openSUSE:Xfce Packaging Conventions

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Xfce Packaging Conventions


  • generally the specfile guidelines regarding summaries apply
  • when referring to Xfce use "Xfce Desktop Environment" or "Xfce" (note the capitalization)
  • subpackages should not repeat the summary but have a one of their own, for development or documentation a generic "Development Files for Foo" or "Documentation for Foo" suffices


  • generally the specfile guidelines regarding descriptions apply
  • the description should contain a summary of what the package contains which is meaningful to consumers
  • do not repeat the main package description in subpackages but provide a separate description which may refer to the main package, e.g. "This package contains development files needed for developing applications based on foo." or "This package provides the HTML documentation for foo."



  • always use patch tags as outlined in the patch guidelines
  • mention added and removed patches and their purpose in the changelog
  • remember to send patches upstream where applicable



  • all internal documentation should be installed under /usr/share/xfce4/INTERNAL_NAME/html/
    • some Xfce packages are hardcoded to install documentation directly under /usr/share/doc and may need to be patched