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Leap Micro is an ultra-reliable, lightweight operating system built for containerized and virtualized workloads. This community version is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro, which leverages the enterprise-hardened security and compliance components of SUSE Linux Enterprise. This merging of technologies provides for a modern, immutable, and developer-friendly OS platform.

It has a twice a year release cadence and will receive updates for over two releases.

You can get up to 4 years of support for individual release after migration to SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro. Otherwise you'll have to upgrade at least once per 12 months in order to receive maintenance updates.

See Roadmap for further details.

The initial release of Leap Micro was released Leap Micro 5.2 in April 2022.

Topics Edit
Visit openSUSE:Roadmap for schedule and lifecycle information.

Howto for migration from Leap Micro 5.5 to Leap Micro 6.0 .

Tutorials Edit
  • Leap Micro 5.5 installation with self-install media - via YouTube
  • Ad-free browsing with Pi-Hole and Leap Micro 5.5 - via YouTube
  • Nextcloud deployment with podman quadlets and Leap Micro 5.5 - via YouTube
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