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openSUSE Leap Micro is intended to be a small Host OS for all of your container and virtual machine workloads. It has a twice a year release cadence but a quite long community support. Leap Micro has support until the next next version of Leap Micro is released. You can get up to 4 years of support for individual release after migration to SLE Micro. So a user can stay on 5.2 for 4 years and still be supported if they choose to.

Roadmap is simple, we're twice as fast as Leap but in fact still based on the same SLE 15 code-stream. Leap Micro is aiming for two releases (minor updates) per year with proposed overlap in between individual releases of 6 month. Aiming for Global Availability around October and April.

The initial release of Leap Micro will be Leap Micro 5.2 with Global Availability in April 2022.

Topics Edit
Visit openSUSE:Roadmap for schedule and lifecycle information.
Tutorials Edit
  • Leap Micro 5.5 installation with self-install media - via YouTube
  • Ad-free browsing with Pi-Hole and Leap Micro 5.5 - via YouTube
  • Nextcloud deployment with podman quadlets and Leap Micro 5.5 - via YouTube
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