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The openSUSE project is visible in various social networks. This page lists all locations together with the persons responsible for them.

Using Social Networks to promote openSUSE

openSUSE uses a variety of social networking services to promote the Project and raise awareness of events and news related to openSUSE to keep its core community abreast and reach out to users and media.

This page serves to identify various methods of social networking and tasks needed to maintain our presence, as well as offer useful guidance to our community on how to use services optimally.



Account Comment Owner/Contact
@openSUSE openSUSE main account managed by the openSUSE:Twitter_team
@opensusebrasil openSUSE Brazil User Community User:IgorFerreira
@openSUSE_ES Spanish related openSUSE info Josecozu
@openSUSEhu Hungarian related openSUSE info kkemenczy
@openSUSE_FR, sogal
@openSUSE_Gr Greek related openSUSE info Warlordfff, Efstathios Iosifidis
@openSUSE_IT Italian related openSUSE info hawake
@openSUSEru Russian related openSUSE info
@susemx End user tips from an end user from México almsx
@opensuseja Information about Japan openSUSE User Group ftake
@openSUSEID openSUSE Indonesia User Community dhenandi, Kukuh Syafaat, Edwin Zakaria
@opensuse_mate MATE Desktop related info Alexandros Vennos
@SoCalSUSE SoCalSUSE: The Southern California openSUSE Community Drew Adams


Account Comment Owner/Contact
@openSUSE openSUSE main account ddemaio


Account Comment Owner/Contact
@openSUSEzh Chinese related openSUSE info Grover Chou
@opensusecn Chinese related openSUSE tips, just for fun


Account Comment Owner/Contact
@openSUSE openSUSE Contributors and Users, vinzv & ddemaio
@openSUSE_FR French speaking openSUSE account, sogal & ddemaio
@openSUSE_ES Spanish speaking openSUSE account Martin Torres

Social networks


Account Comment Owner/Contact
Greeks Group of Greek Community Efstathios Iosifidis, worlordfff, zoumpis
MATE Desktop Environment Group of openSUSE MATE Desktop Environment Efstathios Iosifidis,


Account Comment Owner/Contact
openSUSE group our official group Terrorpup, A_jaeger; Gertjan Lettink; Official Facebook Page. Terrorpup, A_jaeger, Douglas DeMaio, suserocks; Needs to be removed, if you know who can do it let us know.
French openSUSE fans Jdd
openSUSE Greek Fans group ragecryx, Etern4L, Elksi, diomidis, Nikos Mantas
Greek openSUSE Page Etern4L, Nikos Mantas
Spanish openSUSE user's group Facebook group for spanish-speaking users jon85p
Hungarian openSUSE fans kkemenczy
Spanish openSUSE fans josecozu
Indonesian openSUSE group Kukuh Syafaat, Edwin Zakaria, Yan Arief
SUSE and openSUSE Taiwan Club Jeffrey Cheung, Max Lin
Indonesian openSUSE Fans Dhenandi, Andi Sugandi
Portuguese openSUSE Group Facebook group for users, contributors and fans in Portuguese Language. Mingo Max
Japan openSUSE User Group ftake
openSUSE E17 Group Facebook group for users, contributors and fans of Enlightenment. Efstathios Iosifidis
openSUSE MATE page Facebook group for users, contributors and fans of MATE Desktop. Efstathios Iosifidis
Bulgarian openSUSE User Group Facebook group for users, contributors and fans in Bulgarian language. Dimitar Zahariev, Rosen Slavchev
YaST Facebook page for YaST followers. Terrorpup, Douglas DeMaio
SoCalSUSE & Friends Facebook Group of SoCalSUSE: The Southern California openSUSE Community Drew Adams


Account Comment Owner/Contact
openSUSE Instagram openSUSE Instagram account ddemaio
openSUSE Brasil Instagram openSUSE Brasil Instagram account Aslan Ramos
SoCalSUSE SoCalSUSE: The Southern California openSUSE Community Drew Adams


Account Comment Owner/Contact
openSUSE Contributors and Users A_jaeger, Byunashko, Yaloki


This list is currently incomplete. See this Telegram channel for a more up to date list of openSUSE Telegram groups.
Account Comment Owner/Contact
openSUSE General and technical support group Martin Torres
openSUSE Brasil Telegram Group openSUSE Brasil Telegram Group Aslan Ramos
openSUSE Español Spanish general and technical support group Marco Antonio Flores
openSUSE Marketing openSUSE Marketing Team group Vinzv
openSUSE News News channel Martin Torres
openSUSE Project English speaking group about openSUSE development Vinzv
openSUSE Xfce English speaking group about openSUSE Xfce m4u
openSUSE Bar Group discussing the openSUSE Bar KaratekHD
openSUSE Chat Group chat for openSUSE users about stuff that isn't openSUSE, or maybe is. hellcp
openSUSE Gaming Group chat for gaming related things. Currently not bridged with Matrix or Discord. KaratekHD
SoCalSUSE SoCalSUSE: The Southern California openSUSE Community Drew Adams


Account Comment Owner/Contact
openSUSE Official openSUSE subreddit m4u, KaratekHD, Hellcp
openSUSE_ES openSUSE subreddit in Spanish Martin Torres


Account Comment Owner/Contact
m/openSUSE Official openSUSE Kbin Magazine SFaulken, m4u

News sites

Service Address Owner/Contact
openSUSE News

Other services

Service Account Owner/Contact
Discord opensuse hellcp
Steam openSUSE Steam Group
Twitch opensuse hellcp
YouTube opensusetv FunkyPenguin / Digitaltomm / ddemaio

Blogs to Watch out for

Social Networking Help And Resources

Introducing Social Media

This introduction from Lydia Pintscher gives a good overview about Social Media: Intro.

Networking Sites

There are two major groups currently on Facebook that relate to openSUSE/SUSE. Bryen Yunashko, Joe Brockmeier and Kim Groneman are admins. There are a total of over 4,500 members.

We need to ensure that we reach out to these groups and keep them regularly updated on information about the openSUSE Project.

Microblogging Tools on openSUSE

You can use the online websites or GNU Social directly for microblogging or a number of clients.

The following clients work under openSUSE:

  • gwibber is a GNOME microblogging client. For installation on openSUSE see Andrew's blog. Gwibber supports Twitter, Jaiku, GNU Social, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, and RSS.
  • choqok is a KDE microblogging client, it supports Twitter, GNU Social and Mastodon. It is part of the openSUSE KDE 4.3 repository.
  • twitterfox is a microblogging add-on for Firefox and supports only Twitter.
  • Twibash Shell-Script created by Raul Liborio to use Twitter from the terminal.

Microblogging resources like widgets & sidebar

For graphics to spice up your microblog or tips on getting a widget on your blog, see our buttons and banners site.

Social Bookmarking

It is fair deal to take time once a month to evaluate results of openSUSE efforts in various parts of project. We can use internal tools, once they are established, but external tools like Digg will double positive effects of evaluation.

  • First it will evaluate sub projects achievements,
  • second it will publish results in places where more people outside the project can see them.

Podcasting and other Audio Methods

At the Moment the German Weekly News are podcasted. Would you like to contribute us with the Weekly News in your Language? No Problem. Please send an email to Sascha Manns.
German Podcast: RadioTux What are the first Steps?

  • Find an Radio
    • First you must search for an LINUX Radio, in my Case it was RadioTux (German Radio). Then you must ask, how long the News are max. If you have checked this, you can go to Audacity.
  • Audacity
    • Intro and Outro
      • In Audacity we creating an Intro and an Outro. Now you can klick to Record. You say an short Intro: "OpenSUSE Weekly News. With $YOUR_NAME. Welcome to the issue." Then stop. This Track you can export as ogg or mp3. Then you make an second Track and klicking on "Record". You wait until the Sentence "Welcome to issue". Then you say the Issue Number. Now you have two tracks. Now you can search an nice Musictrack (Jamendo or magnatune). Attention: You must read the License!. Sometimes the License says, that the Track can used, but without changes. We must make changes. You can download an Musictrack, and import it to Audacity. Then you hear the Track and cuts it. You can use the Fade-In and Fade-out Effects in Audacity. Mostly you must minimize the Volume. If this is ready, you have the Intro. The same you can do by creating an Outro.
    • The Body
      • Create an Outline
        • First you must create an Outline with OpenOffice or what you want. In my Outline i've all Sections (Announcement, Status Reports,...). But i've not inserted the Statistics. This is not interesting by Podcast. Then i show the Weekly News Issue, what i want to podcast. I don't read the Sentece from the Weekly News, but i use my own words. And short Sentece, no difficult words. Then i test the Time to read without Audacity. In my case i have 5 Min for the whole Weekly News. I know, that the Intro haves 30 Sec. and the Outro too. So i must be under 4 Minutes.
    • The Body in Audacity
      • Now we speak the Outline into Audacity. And add the Intro and Outro. We must insert "Silence" at the Body Track. You must insert so many Secs, how long the Intro are. Than you must insert Silence in the Outro track. It is needed, that the Outro begins after the Body ends. Now you can exort all to ogg or mp3.
      • In my case i upload my File to an FTP-Server from the Radio. My File was played every thursday evening. After the Live-Stream the File is moved to the Archive, and the Blog makes an Podcast from it.
    • Special Articles
      • From Time to Time i make an Special Report about an Topic. That can be longer, but it is only podcasted, not livestreamed.